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About Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

The body mass index (BMI) Calculator is very necessary to check the level of health a person has. This BMI calculator is a very accurative tool to test the body mass index of any person. This calculator will help you to calculate your body mass index, and so that you can get an indication about your weight, whether the weight affecting your health or not. BMI is normally used by all Doctors as well as health professionals on worldwide to calculate the level of health for any person (using your weight and height).

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator Tool

The Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator is an online tool to find the BMI. When we use the tool, it will ask us only weight and height. Since it is an accurate Body Mass Index Calculator, and so that the result of the Calculator is very helpful to maintain our health in daily life. Now a days many such type of calculators are available in the net. Even though there are many online Body Mass Index Calculators available on the net, this calculator is the best one.

Factors about Body Mass Index (BMI)

1. BMI of a person must be in between 18.5 – 25
2. If the Body Mass Index of any person is below of 18.5, then it gives the indication that the person has under weight.
3. If the Body Mass Index of any person is in between 25 to 30, then it gives the indication that the person has slightly over weight.
4. If the Body Mass Index of any person is above of 30, then it gives the indication that the person has heavily over weight.


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